Cookies? What are they?

They are information files that are installed in the user´s browser every time he/she visits a website. These files are exchanged between the server and the web navigator, being finally stored in the web navigator.

These cookies can be generated by the website itself or by third parties with the purpose of offering a more personalized navigation to the user. Furthermore, these cookies can also be divided into two kinds depending on how long they remain stored: session cookies (they are deleted when you close the browser) and permanent cookies (they remain stored until they are deleted).


What cookies do we use?

Alquiler Pisos Online uses third parties cookies as a help to offer a personalized navigation. Some of these cookies are permanent and others are session cookies, so depending on the actions you perform, the browser will be able to delete them or it will disable some functions.

All the data we collect is anonymous and it is only used to improve the navigation experience.

Alquiler Pisos Online uses web analytics cookies to get information about how users perform on our website. We use Google Analytics to analyze this data because Google Analytics collects data from users who have visited other websites to generate statistical reports that we use to improve our marketing strategies. You can check out Google´s privacy policy on the following link:


How do I cancel the use of cookies?

As we have previously mentioned, cookies are information files installed in the user´s browser, thus the cancellation of its use will depend on the browser you are using. As an indication, we indicate how its use is cancelled in Firefox browser:

– In Firefox: Go to “Menu”, “Options”, “Privacy & Security”, “Block cookies and data”

We inform that the cancellation of cookies use can have a negative impact on your internet navigation. There are some websites or functionalities that you will not be able to use without allowing cookies use.